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  • Fully Functional
  • Unlimited spam block
  • Android Wear Support
  • Ad Free
  • Pop-up Reply
  • Proximity Sensor


Do i have to mark which sms is spam ?

No, once the apps installed in your phone, it will automatically block all the sms spam. NO need to do anything.

Will i loose any sms (even the spam one) ?

No, you will NOT loose any sms !  Your phone is still receive all sms, including sms spam. However, when you receive sms spam, you will Not hear any sound, will Not see any notification, and this sms spam moved to a spam inbox,  not to your regular sms inbox. You can always see these sms spam anytime.

Is this app fast ?

Yes, CleanMessaging is a light weight application and awesomely fast !

Do i have to set CleanMessaging as a default messaging app ?

For Android version up to version 4.3 you don’t need to make it as default app. From android version 4.4 onward, Android come up with new policy where only one app can handle messages and it needs to be set as default messaging app. So if you are on android 4.4 or higher versions, you need to set Clean Messaging as default messaging app to block AND send SMS. Note that this is a limitation from android for all such SMS apps

Telco / Carrier

One of our Mission is to create a world that’s free from sms spam. We would like to share our technology, data and expertise to all Telco/ Carrier in the world.
We believe with our technology, data and expertise, we can reduce spam up to 99,99% for Telco’s/carrier’s subscriber.

Telco/Carrier interested in this could contact us for further information

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